Colleen Ballinger plays Ukulele to address Grooming Allegations in a 10-minute video | Lyrics Breakdown

Colleen Ballinger's youtube video ukelele lyrics

The YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, famous for her awkward character, Miranda Sings, recently took to YouTube to address the grooming allegations. However, her approach to the clarification was a little different than expected in the situation. Ballinger released a 10-minute-long video where she sings her statements as lyrics while playing the ukulele.

This eccentric pattern of addressing allegations of forming inappropriate relationships with her teenage fans didn’t sit well with the netizens. Their criticism of the YouTuber grew even more following her tone-deaf approach toward a serious matter. For those who missed the six verses and an outro statement, below are its lyrics.

Colleen Ballinger’s ‘Hi (the toxic gossip train)’ Lyrics Breakdown

Ballinger opened the video while greeting the viewers and sharing, “I haven’t been doing great / so I took a little break.” She further stated while staying true to the rhyming that people are saying things about her that aren’t true, but it probably doesn’t matter as long as they find it entertaining.

  • Following this, she breaks into the chorus, which she sings again later, calling all the allegations a ‘toxic gossip train.’ All aboard the toxic gossip train / chugging down the tracks of misinformation / you got a one-way ticket to manipulation station / toxic gossip train.

  • In the same chorus, the YouTuber calls out people for ‘tieing her to tracks and harassing her for her past.’ Then she takes a break from her tune and again addresses the viewers by clarifying that her PR team advised her to remain silent. Hence, she decided to address it while singing.
  • Following this, Ballinger continued that she did text with her fans, but it was in a ‘loser way’ where she was trying to be ‘besties’ with everyone. She uses the analogy of a family gathering where she is the weird aunt interacting with children to describe the text exchanges.

Verse 1 

In the first verse, Colleen Ballinger sings: ‘I have been sharing my life online for 15 years / I’ve poured my heart, and because of that I feel / like I’m talking to my friends but at the beginning of my career / I didn’t understand that there should be boundaries there / There were times when I would overshare.”

  • She further sings that her demeanour is weird and hasn’t done it for years, rhyming ‘weird of me’ with ‘you see.’ The YouTuber also claims she has taken accountability and changed her behavior over the years. She then breaks and says, ‘ This isn’t interesting, right?‘ addressing people who made claims of grooming.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the six-verse song, she sings: ‘I thought you wanted me to take accountability / but that’s not the point of mob mentality / your goal is to ruin the life of the person you despise / while you dramatize and monetize their demise.”

  • Colleen Ballinger once again stops to address what she expects people will comment about her. She lists various speeches where people may claim she’s gaslighting and manipulating while calling her names and selfish.

Verse 3

In the third verse, she apologizes to the audience for not realizing how perfect everyone is and welcomes them to criticize her. Further inviting them to stab her ‘bony little back’ as they would be disappointed in her song. ‘I know that you wanted me to say that I was 100% in the wrong / I’m sorry I am not going to take that route / of admitting to lies and rumors that you made for clout.”

Verse 4

In this song’s part, Ballinger imagines a conversation among her haters where they plot to spread rumors against her. They decide to ‘harass’ Ballinger for her ‘past’ and gather around to ‘attack’ without allegedly any ‘facts.’ She states while singing that the people’s weapon is their fingers on the keys. ‘You don’t need any armor where you hide behind the screens / shoot me down, quick, with a click, and bam! / my reputation’s decided.”

Verse 5

Before breaking into verse five, Ballinger mentions Miranda Sings and states that she has a PG-13 rating, directly addressing the allegations of her incorporating inappropriate things in her songs for children. In the second to the last verse, Ballinger also states that this is why her videos aren’t on YouTube Kids.

  • ‘Have I made some jokes in a poor state? Yes / Have I made du*b mistakes? / Am I sad that fans feel betrayed? Yes / But was my intention to manipulate? No.” She directly addresses the grooming allegations and states that the only thing she’s groomed is her two Persian cats.

Verse 6

In the last verse, she claims she isn’t a predator and reminds people that she made a fart joke five years ago. Further stating that she knew the video wouldn’t change anyone’s mind, but she believed it was important to address the issues and defend herself.

  • She thanked her fans who believed in her and broke into the chorus. Colleen finally shifts into the outro, repeating that ‘sometimes people make mistakes’ and stating that mistakes make them human. “But what do I know? / F**k me, right?”

More about Colleen Ballinger’s grooming allegations

According to NBC News, the reports of Colleen Ballinger’s grooming allegations began three years ago. In 2020, YouTuber Adam McIntyre made a video alleging that Ballinger had an inappropriate relationship with him when he was 13. She also sent him lingerie as a joke and gave her access to her social media.

  • Following Colleen Ballinger’s video statement, McIntyre shared a Tweet stating that the video showed exactly the type of evil woman Ballinger is that many of us experienced behind the scenes. Further saying that the mask has slipped and she is the real Colleen Ballinger.

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