A lone gunman attacked Colorado’s Club Q, a place known for gathering LGBTQs in the state. The attack occurred Saturday night, killing five people and injuring 17 others. A brave Army veteran restrained the attacker. The gunman had full intention of engaging in combat, entering the area with a bulletproof vest, a rifle, and a sidearm.

The Army Veteran Hero at Club Q

Following the initial shots that killed several people, many dropped to the floor while others rushed to the patio area. The gunman placed his attention to where the majority of people were and began heading his way there. Richard Fierro, a 15-year army veteran, saw the opportunity and started rushing to tackle the armed man.

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The initial tackle saw the gunman lose his firearm, and the two wrestled as the attacker tried to reach for his sidearm. Richard saw the pistol and took it himself before he began beating the man with it. A drag queen performer also assisted, using a high heel to beat the man until he stopped the attack.

According to Fierro, his instincts began kicking in once he realized the attacker could kill his family. It was a fire situation where he had to stop it from growing before it kills anyone else. While he received credit for being the reason the attack stopped, he gave most of the credit to the people assisted him in taking down the gunman.

He received accolades from both the mayor and the governor. The attack happened just a day before the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Attack Victims

The police revealed the identity of the five people who passed in the attack. The names are as follows;

  1. Raymond Vance
  2. Ashley Paugh
  3. Kelly Loving
  4. Daniel Aston
  5. Derrick Rump

Two of the victims were bartenders working at Club Q that night. One of the other victims was the boyfriend of Fierro’s daughter.

A Hate Crime?

The gunman’s identification is 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich. Police were investigating whether or not the attack was a hate crime. They are also looking into more details to see if anyone else was involved in the crime. They have yet to find the owner of the rifle and pistol.

He is recovering in the hospital under police watch. He will undergo trial for five murder charges and five counts of bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury. There have been no formal court filings yet, but it will happen.

The criminal first came to the attention of the police in 2021 when his mother called under duress. She reported that he was threatening to harm him with a homemade bomb and multiple weapons. Nothing did come from investigating the issue then.

Shootings have been more common in recent years, and hate crime is a common trend. The deadliest mass shooting in 2016 was the attack at the Orlando Pulse gay club. The attack caused the death of 49 people, naming it one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history.

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