Suzanne Morphew missing Colorado woman husband Barry innocent
Suzanne Morphew still missing, is husband innocent? (Image courtesy of Morphew family)

The case of Suzanne Morphew endures as the Colorado mom-of-two continues to be missing since May 2020. Suzanne’s husband Barry Morphew was once charged guilty in his wife’s disappearance and presumed death. However, the charges were dropped soon. As a result, Barry Morphew is taking the authorities to court in a $15 million lawsuit for accusing him.

At the time of her disappearance, Suzanne Morphew was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma for which she had to take chemotherapy. Colorado authorities believed that Barry had come to know of his wife’s alleged extramarital affair. However, the man denies such an affair ever existed and that the authorities had ‘tunnel vision’ in the case. 

Barry Morphew’s innocence in wife’s missing case 

Barry Morphew and his family have now filed a $15 million lawsuit against the prosecutors and local law enforcement, claiming that he was wrongly arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Morphew’s two daughters have expressed their support for their father and described the past few years as their worst nightmare. Macy Morphew stated that she has never had any doubts about her father’s innocence.

Barry Morphew was accused of murdering his wife for the first time in May 2021. The prosecutors revealed Suzanne’s desire to end their marriage.

Despite having substantial evidence, the prosecutors suddenly decided to drop the murder charges just nine days before the trial was scheduled to begin. In fact, the DA prevented the prosecutors from using key witnesses because they had failed to provide evidence. 

On a side note, he was also charged with illegally casting his wife’s vote for Donald Trump using a mail-in ballot. He pleaded guilty to this charge in July. 

What really happened to Suzanne Morphew?

If Barry Morphew’s claims are true, Suzanne was struggling with her chemotherapy and drugs which put her in a difficult position. Their marriage of 26 years became collateral damage as Suzanne was firm about ending it. 

It’s been three years since the South Colorado woman went missing. Suzanne disappeared after going on a bike ride in 2020 while living in Chaffee County with her husband and daughters. Despite extensive searches and investigations, her body has never been found, leading investigators to believe she is deceased. 

On Mother’s Day, which also marks the three-year anniversary of her disappearance, locals vow to remember Suzanne and keep her in their thoughts. Community members are determined to get justice for Suzanne, hoping to provide her with a proper burial if necessary.

Public concern over the Colorado mom’s disappearance

Suzanne Morphew’s sudden disappearance has led to a lot of conspiracy theories online over what might have happened to her. The case has been a favorite for the past couple of years for many true crime enthusiasts. 

Discussion about Suzanne Morphew and her husband on Twitter

While she is presumed to be dead, the case can be revived anytime if her remains are found. Regardless, the local community of Colorado prays for her well-being and hopes that the worst has not happened yet.

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