Remember when PS4 players started to receive strange vibrations on their controllers? These occurences date back to a few months, mostly when they were near Tilted Towers. A user later interpreted this message using Morse Code.

The developers had, in an updated before, added a comet in the game that is visible in the horizon. Gazing at it, one could easily make out that the comet is pointing directly towards Tilted Towers. And the vibration that was felt before was translated to reveal an SOS message.

All this indicates the destruction of the Tilted Towers, that the comet may crash into the site and perhaps lay ruin to the monument. Although, this is just a theory, it would be better not to neglect these hints for developers sometimes could be very secretive in their intent and be suggestive rather than open and honest.

As the opening ceremony of Fortnite’s fourth season is drawing near, the fanbase went crazy over a twitter video captured by an individual. In the video, a smaller meteorite can be observed crashing into a building. Infact, meteorites of the same proportion have been hitting the Tilted Towers for a few days now.

Another tweet from the developers of Fortnite directed at the audience also seems to hint the predicted cataclysm with a very indicative caption, ‘Brace for impact!’.

Perhaps the rumours were true. There is certainly a possibility that the local legend will come true. Or maybe the developers are just messing with us. We will find out tomorrow for sure.

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