26-year-old Chris Tyson is already a YouTube veteran, thanks to his contributions to MrBeast’s channels. Known for his country-boy demeanor and competitive enthusiasm, Chris is the only person from MrBeast’s crew to have appeared in almost all his videos. In fact, he is the first-ever subscriber of the channel, as revealed by Jimmy. Read to find out how we rank Chris Tyson’s contributions to the MrBeast channel including a few challenges that he won.

1. Co-founder of MrBeast

As we go on to rank Chris Tyson’s significance in MrBeast’s challenge videos and more, it’s time to acknowledge his most important contribution to the channel. In 2012, Chris co-created the MrBeast channel with Jimmy, which is now the most subscribed YouTube individual channel in the world.

  • Chris has appeared in most of Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast’s videos as a co-host. Without this contribution from Chris, it’s arguable that MrBeast doesn’t equate to just Jimmy Donaldson and the channel and brand would cease to exist. 

2. Beast Reacts and MrBeast gaming

Chris Tyson is the main host of Beast Reacts, the sub-channel from MrBeast. Beast Reacts was formerly called Beast Hacks. The channel has over 21 million subscribers.

  • Chris and Jimmy review and react to popular videos from across the internet such as Extreme Try Not To Laugh challenges, World’s Most Dangerous Jobs, and World’s Luckiest People.
  • Chris also has a ton of victories from another MrBeast sub-channel, MrBeast gaming.

3. Friends and family on MrBeast

Apart from participating in challenges and co-hosting videos with Jimmy, Chris is also responsible for bringing in fresh talent to the crew. Chris is close friends with Karl Jacobs, who has been a regular on the MrBeast channel since 2020.

Chris Tyson MrBeast challenges contributions
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  • His friendship was one of the reasons why Karl was promoted from camera operator to on-screen member. Karl was promoted after Jake The Viking left the MrBeast crew. 
  • Most of Chris’ family members such as his sister Sarah, his parents, his grandmother, and his infant son, Tucker have all appeared in MrBeast videos.

4. Last To Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge

This challenge from 2018 is as simple as the title suggests: don’t remove your hand from a Lamborghini for the longest time and you get to keep the car.

  • Chris Tyson won this challenge when Jake The Viking accidentally removed his hand to shoo away a fly from his food.

  • However, Chris was not that interested in the 1999 Lamborghini. Instead, he picked the $20,000 cash reward and split it evenly with the crew.

5. Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

Chris Tyson emerged victorious in this straightforward last-to-leave challenge as well. The MrBeast crew members had to stay in Virtual Reality without any breaks.

  • The winner gets $1,000 for each hour spent in VR. Chris won $18,000 for staying plugged in for 18 hours.

Chris Tyson has been under a lot of scrutinies from the channel’s fans after his old controversial tweets resurfaced online. Furthermore, his personal life has not been great either with rumors of him getting divorced from Katie Tyson.

Despite taking a hiatus from social media, Chris Tyson’s contributions to MrBeast’s channel will always remain concrete.

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