Cookie Run Kingdom will be receiving a new update (12.8). With the arrival of Cocoa Cookie and 3 additional events. All players get into the mood for the festivities and the Winter season!

Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie is a front-facing Defense cookie. She’s an Epic cookie, thus she’ll be in the gacha pool with the other Epic cookies. Her talent is conjuring a massive cup of hot chocolate. It will assault adversaries by spinning around!

Language Voice Actor Notable Voiceovers
English Kody Kavitha
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Sunita
  • Apple & Onion as Samosa
Japanese Yurika Kubo
  • Love Live! as Hanayo Koizumi
Korean Sin-hee Bak
  • Genshin Impact as Yoimiya
  • Bake the Holiday Cake: Each gamer will make their personal Christmas cake.
  • Lucky Holiday Ribbon: As a reward for completing missions, you will earn special ribbons. While we don’t know what these ribbons could be used for, Devsisters Corporation has confirmed that they will be utilized for an upcoming event.
  • Mint Choco Cookie’s Winter Concert: As a reward for completing the quests, get exciting cutscenes, and gain awards throughout this event.

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