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Countryle is an educational wordle spin-off for children that took social media by storm. This game is now being utilized by teachers as a tool for their students to learn more about other countries around the globe. In this article, we will discuss all the details about this game and how you can play it. Enjoy!

Countryle: Educational Wordle Spin-off

A group of six (6) friends from Barcelona, Spain who enjoyed playing the Wordle game created a new spin-off that intrigued plenty of people upon its release. This game is called Countryle in which you have to guess the Country of the day.


Viktor, one of the developers came up with the idea to create a spin-off of the ever-so-popular game, Wordle. He wants the game mechanics to include more than simply letters, such as hints and other parameters to help players guess the country.

“What could interest the world other than words? Could it be the world itself? This is how we decided the theme.” – Viktor

“The idea behind guessing the country with parameters, rather than letter positions like in wordle, was to make the game more educational and interactive: you don’t only have to know the country by its name but also by its location, population, etc.”   – The team added

The Countryle Team

The team is composed of six (6) individuals. It all started with Viktor who proposed the idea to Jordi (Software Developer), Marc C. (Journalist/Social Communicator), and Ferran (Geographer).

Countryle Alpha Version

  • In one afternoon, Jordi put together the first functioning version of the program, and Ferran and Victor (data analyst) built the database.
  • Lluis (physicist and product engineer) and Marc M. (teacher and graphic designer) joined later to modify the layout.
  • Lluis then assisted Victor with the examination of game data and helped enhance the calibration of some parameters.

The Objective of the Game

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  • Guess the country with five (5) provided metrics.
    • Hemisphere
    • Continent
    • Average Temperature
    • Population
    • Geographic Coordinates

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Number of Players

The game is now being played by 50,000+ users every day and growing consistently by 1000 players per day.

Updates and Features

The developers promised to add more features and future updates to make this game more interesting and engaging to students and teachers alike. The team aims to create a game that is educational, fun, and competitive at the same time.

“Our commitment is that Countryle becomes a complementary and interactive tool in children education. We have already received messages from teachers all around the globe who are already using Countryle to this end, which is something we are really proud of.” – Lluis, from Countryle


The game is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Catalan, with additional languages to be added in the coming months.

How to Play

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You can play in 6 languages by simply visiting this site HERE.

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