Creative Assembly Partners With NetEase To Bring Total War To China

NetEase announced that it has entered into a partnership with Creative Assembly to introduce the “Total War” series of games into China. In the future, Netease will be the exclusive game publisher of the “Total War” series of historical strategy games, as well as the latest and widely acclaimed “Total War: Three Kingdoms“. At the same time, they will launch the card game “Total War: Elysium”. This is expected to be the first to launch in the Chinese PC and mobile market.

Tim Heaton, Director of Creative Assembly Studios and Executive Vice President of Sega Europe Studios, said:

“In the past 20 years, the Total War series has been a leader in strategy games with its iconic gameplay and high quality game quality. We are very happy to bring the “Total War” series of games to China, and we also see that it has huge market potential in China.”

Li Riqiang, vice president of Netease, said:

“Since the launch in 2000, Total War has brought an unprecedented game experience for players and the most exciting moments of different historical battles. This is also the high-quality game content and experience that NetEase has always wanted to continue to bring to players.”

The Total War series is a real-time strategy, turn-based strategy game developed by British game developer The Creative Assembly. According to the data, Total War: Three Kingdoms sold 1 million copies in a single week, and 190,000 players were online at the same time, setting the most comprehensive series of wars.

Total War has many fans in the Chinese market. Previously, Creative Assembly said that China is the country with the highest proportion of game sales. What do you think, was this a good move or not?

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