The Crew 2 Set to Feature Harley Davidson Bikes

The Crew 2 Bikes Harley Davidson
Ride With Class With Some Exotic Motorcycles From the Leading Brand

To all the famous “The Crew” game fans, the news of the release of its next part at the start of 2018 may not be a big story for most of you as many of you might already know as it is already announced by the company itself and it is most probably be available next year to get your hands on. However, there is some news which might be pretty more interesting for you guys related to The Crew 2.

Ubisoft made an announcement that The Crew 2 is going to feature Harley-Davidson bikes to make their partnership stronger with the iconic motorcycle brand. This news may seem basic and normal to you guys but for a guys like me who are fan of Harley Davidson bikes, this news is gonna make us love this game even more than before. However, there is only one model which is confirmed to be in the game so far and the company says that it will announce other models too as the release gets nearer.

crew 2 2018

The single model of Harley-Davidson bikes confirmed is the Iron 833 which is designed with garage-built style. It looks like the company is really planning to make its relationship stronger with the Harley-Davidson brand as the Managing Director at Ivory Tower Said that “The partnership was a natural fit as Harley-Davidson represents the same thirst for unrestrained exploration and the American passion for all things motorized that has inspired our vision for The Crew 2”

On the other hand the VP Global Marketing and Brand of Harley-Davidson, Heather Malenshek said that

“Harley-Davidson has a storied past of celebrating the American spirit, freedom and love of the open road, with the launch of The Crew 2, we hope to inspire more people, young and older, to engage in the sport of motorcycling.”

Also there are plenty of changeable factors for the players which will make it possible to don your bike the way you want and alter its looks. Other than that, The Crew 2 is going to have boats, planes and allowing the player to test their own skill on other drive able too.

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