Crimson Desert | How to Pre-Order?

Crimson Desert Pre-order

The renowned developer of the MMORPG Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss, has recently unveiled their upcoming game, Crimson Desert. With the combat, story, and gameplay teased in the trailer, fans have been wondering when they can get their hands on this promising game. In this article, we will discuss how to pre-order Crimson Desert.

What is Pearl Abyss’ Crimson Desert?

Pearl Abyss is crafting and publishing an upcoming action role-playing single-player game titled Crimson Desert. This game has a captivating setting: a medieval fantasy world known as Pywel.

  • The heart of the story revolves around Macduff as the main character. He started as a mercenary but was soon thrown into leadership challenges and a deep confrontation with his haunting past.
  • Initially envisioned as a prequel to Black Desert Online, the game’s development journey took a different path.
  • Crimson Desert transformed into a single-player experience during its development. However, it still maintains a strong connection to the universe of Black Desert Online.

The game’s technical foundation is built upon an upgraded version of the proprietary game engine, the BlackSpace Engine, derived from BDO. Pearl Abyss, known for its immersive and visually impressive gameplay, has designed this advanced technology to deliver exactly that.

At its core, Crimson Desert showcases how game development can transform from initial plans to create something wholly unique and captivating. With its intricately designed world, compelling main character, and the capabilities of the BlackSpace Engine, the game has the potential to offer players an unforgettable adventure in a medieval fantasy setting.

How to pre-order Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert Pre-order
Image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

Currently, there isn’t any official information regarding the option to pre-order Crimson Desert. 

  • Despite the high level of anticipation for the game’s launch, the developers have not yet revealed the opportunity to pre-order to the general public.
  • Furthermore, the game isn’t currently listed on platforms like Steam for pre-purchasing.

As game development and marketing strategies are dynamic, there is a possibility of unveiling information about pre-orders as the game’s launch date gets closer. To stay updated, you could consider subscribing to their newsletter to ensure you receive all the latest updates about the game.

As more details emerge and the game’s release date approaches, it’s advisable to remain vigilant for official announcements. These sources will likely provide information about developments concerning Crimson Desert’s pre-order availability.

Release date

Crimson Desert Pre-order
Image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

Like the pre-order information, there are no official announcements of Crimson Desert’s release date yet.

  • While initial expectations pointed to a Winter 2021 launch, Pearl Abyss postponed the release, and in their Q3 2022 earnings presentation, they tentatively set a late 2023 timeframe.

As we currently find ourselves in late 2023 without any updates on the release timeline, it’s reasonable to assume that the game won’t arrive this year. As is often the case, we can only speculate about release dates until an official announcement is made.

Available platforms

Crimson Desert Pre-order
Image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

Anticipate the release of this highly awaited open-world game on both PC and various consoles, including the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. Regrettably, a release on the Nintendo Switch is not in the plans.

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