Cristiano Ronaldo’s final World Cup match sees him leaving his teammates in tears

That’s not the way we imagined Cristiano Ronaldo’s final World Cup match to be like. As it stands, fans and Ronaldo himself alike, are heartbroken and shattered into pieces. What may have been Ronaldo’s dreams of reaching the World Cup prior to his retirement is now dusted within the 1-0 made by Morocco. Portugal goes back home, while Morocco proceeds to the Semi-Finals.

Ronaldo’s once again benching in the quarter-finals

Cristiano Ronaldo
Image courtesy of @CBSSports

37-Year Old Ronaldo’s Final Match saw him put on the bench one more time for the quarter-final. Fans believe that Ronaldo deserved better. For without Portugal’s world-famous striker, the team had many empty spaces to fill, in a quite metaphoric sense. The previous win over Switzerland in earlier rounds may not amount to much, given that even Goncalo Ramos’ presence this time did not quite get things running in Portugal’s favor.

Ronaldo final in World Cup
Image Courtesy of CBS Sports

F. Santos did call for Ronaldo into the second half, however. Towards the end, Ronaldo’s attempt did reach the Morrocan goalpost ‘almost’. Yassine Bounou getting to save the day for his team.

The legacy of Morocco gets another chance against either France or England

As it stands after Portugal Morocco is the first African nation to reach the semi-finals ever in international football. Their record feels tremendous given that they have already succeeded against Belgium, Spain, and now Portugal.

Morocco will continue to face the winner of France against England. The last quarter-final match will take place on Saturday evening. So far, the semi-finalists have been confirmed as Argentia, Croatia and now Morocco awaits either France or England for the big face-off.

The aftermath of the match for Ronaldo and his team, Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup
Image courtesy of Mirror Football

The post-match aftermath was devastating. Ronaldo’s teammates shook to the ground after the full-time whistle hit the stadium. Possibly displeased beyond words expressible, Ronaldo headed down the exit way quicker. Perhaps possibly to summit the non-climatic ending of his World Cup career, and also to run away from the dismay of defeat.

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