Crypto-billionaires Nikolai Mushegian, Vyacheslav Taran, Tiantian Kullander
Image courtesy of Dapphub, Libertex, Amber Group

The Crypto industry is mourning many important people’s death this year. Within the span of a month, the industry lost the lives of three Crypto billionaires’. All three deaths were unexpected and have raised many questions.

Conspiracy theorists are trying to find links between the three incidents but it is yet to be known if there is any connection between the deaths. Yet undeniably the time frame and circumstances provoke suspicion.

Vyacheslav Taran
Image courtesy of Libertex

Vyacheslav Taran

Vyacheslav Taran passed away on November 25, 2022, due to a helicopter crash. Taran was a 53-year-old crypto billionaire. He was co-founder of the trading and investment platforms Libertex and Forex club.

Taran was flying from Switzerland when his helicopter crashed near Monaco. The helicopter was a single-engine H130. It was flown by a 35-year-old French pilot who passed away in the crash as well. There was no sign of damage to the helicopter and the weather was clear.

The police have said that due to the suspicious circumstances third-party involvement can not be completely ruled-out but nothing is confirmed yet. There was another passenger booked to ride the helicopter but they canceled last minute raising more suspicion in the case.

Tiantian Kullander
Image courtesy of Amber Group

Tiantian Kullander

Days before the death of crypto billionaire Vyacheslav Taran, Tiantian Kullander from Singapore passed away. Kullander was a 30-year-old co-founder of Amber Group and F-natic e-sports organization. Amber Group was estimated to be $3 Billion at the time of his death.

Tiantian Kullander passed away in his sleep on November 23, 2022. There hasn’t been any investigation and the details around his death are kept private in respect of his grieving family.

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Nikolai Mushegian
Image courtesy of Dapphub

Nikolai Mushegian

Just a month before the untimely death of Crypto Billionaires Vyacheslav Taran and Tiantian Kullander, another crypto billionaire Nikolai Mushegian passed away. Mushegian was an early developer of Maker DAO. He was working to establish a financial technology to remove third-party involvement from monetary transactions.

Nikolai Mushegian went for a morning walk on October 28, 2022. He left his beach house in the posh locality of Condado, San Juan, and was found by surfers at the Puerto Rico beach. His body was reported to the local police and they pronounced him dead due to drowning.

The police denied any chances of homicide as there was no sign of violence or struggle on the body of Mushegian. The only thing out of ordinary was a laceration on his skull which could be caused due to the trauma of the ocean.

Mushegian had posted suspicious tweets before his death, claiming the CIA and Mossad are going to torture him to death. He said his ex-girlfriend was a spy involved with them and he will be framed due to a laptop planted by her.

Friends and acquaintances of Mushegian have suspected him to be suffering from paranoia and other mental illnesses as he kept a gun to protect himself from ‘evil people’. The police too haven’t found anything suspicious surrounding his death.

Are the crypto billionaires’ death connected?

The untimely deaths of three crypto billionaires’ while seem suspicious due to their common profession and close time of death. There hasn’t been any evidence found of third-party involvement. Police are trying to find a link connecting them but there seems to be none.

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Source: Libertex, Amber Group, Decrypt
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