On 2nd September 2021 Crytek made a huge reveal that the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, which is an all-in-one package “featuring the remasters of the iconic single-player campaigns from Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3” is going to launch on 15th October. Players and fans will be able to buy Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered individually on 15th October, itself.

All the three games of the Crysis Remastered Trilogy have been improved, enhanced, and optimized to fit the current generation hardware. All three titles feature 4k and 60fps by utilizing dynamic resolution on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, this trilogy now has improved lighting, weapons, enhanced character models, hi-res textures, and environments.

Crytek also put out two videos that compared the performance of PS3, PS5, the Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X. You can check them out below:


The Project lead, Steffen Halbeig stated:

“We’re delighted to bring fans of the Crysis franchise Crysis Remastered Trilogy, our new all-in-one bundle which will accompany the separate release of the remasters of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. Players can look forward to reliving the adventure with stunning graphics, smooth frame rates, and high-quality textures on whichever platform they choose, with lightning-fast 60 FPS gameplay available on PC and next-gen consoles, alongside a host of other graphical optimizations. We’d encourage all players to check out the comparison trailer to see the differences themselves.”

  • Fans can get Crysis Remastered Trilogy on October 15 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, and Xbox One. This collection will be available on the mentioned platforms for $49.99 as a digital; physical editions are also available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on the same day.
  • Crytek has also confirmed that the whole trilogy’s physical editions will be available exclusively for PlayStation and Xbox platforms.
  • However, if fans want to opt for the Switch physical editions then they will be earning a bonus art card. The good news is that it might be one of the 20 limited-edition copies. Additionally, it will have the development team members’ signatures!

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