CTV’s Loss: Lisa LaFlamme Continues to Report on Stories that Make a Difference

CTV's Loss Lisa LaFlamme Continues to Report on Stories that Make a Difference

When Lisa LaFlamme announced that her contract with CTV News had been unexpectedly cut seven months ago, the nation was left stunned. After a remarkable 35-year stint with the network, the veteran Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor shared her shock and sadness on Twitter. This left many wondering what could lead to such an abrupt move. Lisa LaFlamme triumphantly returned to the industry with a stunning nomination for best national news anchor at the Canadian Screen Awards earlier this year, and more stories to watch out for!

Lisa LaFlamme is an award-winning journalist with over 35 years of experience in the industry. She established herself as a respected and trusted voice in Canadian news. LaFlamme’s engaging and insightful reporting has made her well-known. Her popularity in reporting includes her ability to connect with her audience and bring stories to life.

Lisa LaFlamme’s new perspective

In a recent interview with CBC News correspondent Adrienne Arsenault, Lisa LaFlamme reflected on her 35-year career with CTV News and the recent split with the network.  “And I loved it. Loved it all,” she said.

Lisa Laflamme citynews, nomination
Screengrab Courtesy of City News via YouTube

Lisa added, “And there are new things to love now. So I’ll be fine. I am fine.” Despite the unexpected turn of events, LaFlamme remains optimistic about the future. She expressed her gratefulness for the overwhelming support she received.

LaFlamme couldn’t help but recall the many difficult stories she covered over the years. She said that losing her job cannot compare to the hardships she witnessed. “I think about — the soldiers who we saw lose their legs in Afghanistan, or babies born in tarpaulins after the earthquake in Haiti, all of these things, those are sudden changes they don’t come back from,” she said.

Lisa LaFlamme anchor, former ctv news
Image Courtesy of Lisa LaFlamme via Twitter (@LisaLaFlamme_)

Through it all, Lisa LaFlamme remained a steadfast voice for the people, bringing their stories to light and giving them a platform to be heard. LaFlamme’s unwavering commitment to journalism and the people she serves will never waver.

Lisa LaFlamme to continue telling her stories

The former news anchor shared that she had independently submitted her work for a nomination as the best national news anchor. Well, she learned that her former employer had not done so.

  • This move highlights LaFlamme’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her refusal to let her voice be silenced.  “When I learned that my work was not going to be submitted, I thought, no, it doesn’t work that way,” she said.

Throughout her illustrious career, LaFlamme has been a dedicated advocate for women’s rights and issues, from young women to older women and BIPOC women. As she embarks on the next chapter of her career, it is clear that Lisa LaFlamme will continue to be a powerful and inspiring voice in Canadian news and beyond. Check out what she writes for Journalists for Human Rights.

“People now want to hear from me. And I’m happy to talk. I’d say the same things I said 10 years ago, really.” – Lisa LaFlamme

LaFlamme and CTV’s split

In a shocking announcement last August 2022, Lisa LaFlamme took to Twitter to reveal that CTV’s parent company gave the decision. Bell Media made the “business decision” to end her contract. But what followed next was a disturbing narrative, as rumors emerged speculating that her newly grey hair might have played a role in the decision.

During the pandemic, LaFlamme had stopped dyeing her hair, which reportedly caught the attention of a CTV executive. The story quickly escalated into allegations of sexism and ageism against Bell Media, which the company vehemently denied.

  • The controversy sparked a heated debate across the nation. It ignites discussions about the role of appearance and gender in the media industry.

Just when everyone thought her decorated career in Canadian news ended, former anchor Lisa LaFlamme emerged once again. She proves that a contract conclusion cannot dampen her unwavering dedication to journalism. We can’t wait to hear more of the former anchor Lisa LaFlamme’s stories in the future!

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