Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is just a few months away from launch and fans can’t wait for it anymore. There has been numerous discussions and repercussions going on as we are coming to know more about the game. Amidst all this, the developers have given us some insights into what to expect from the game.

In a recent interview, John Mamais, studio head at CD Projekt Red revealed how the game will be be pushing this generation’s consoles to their limits. He added “That’s the game development sector that we’re in, creating big, great-looking AAA games,” John tells us. “And as the technology changes, we’re expected to use it too – and we want to use it cause that stuff keeps looking cooler and cooler, all the time. We’ll always keep pushing the envelope on the way a game can look, and that’s one of the most exciting things about working at CD Projekt Red; getting to do just that. I think Cyberpunk is going to be a real show piece in terms of tech. Especially as this generation of consoles is fading out. I think we’re going to be that one last, big, exceptional looking title on this current generation of hardware.”

This is something fans would expect from a developer of CDPR’s stature. Keeping aside their reputation of a consumer-friendly developer, CDPR has always ensured that their games made significant breakthroughs instead of re-skinning stuff. That further increases the expectations fans will have from the game. Given the fact that the game is just a few months away, it won’t be long since we will know what all CDPR has to offer.