Cyberpunk 2077 Loading Screens

Gamescom 2018 kicks off tomorrow and CD Projekt Red is ready to blow the event up with a new Cyberpunk 2077 update, that’d(most probably) be exclusive to Gamescom attendees. But sadly once again, there won’t be any gameplay footage.

In a tweet today, Cyberpunk’s official Twitter handle wrote, “Next update scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st”. While the tweet received innumerable unnoticed responses, the social media team felt it their duty to respond to one individual who asked if CDPR will be showing any gameplay footage at Gamescom.

And the answer, was a straight-forward, “Sadly, no”.

Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the original table-top Cyberpunk game said in an interview, “You guys can wait a few more years, it will be worth it”, and it seems there’s a long way to go before CDPR showcases some gameplay footage to the global audience.

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