Cyberpunk 2077: “You Guys Can Wait A Few More Years, It Will Be Worth It”, Says Pondsmith

Cyberpunk 2077

The creator of the original tabletop Cyberpunk, Mike Pondsmith has hinted about Cyberpunk 2077’s release. In a short clip with YouTuber YongYea, Mike said, “I’ve waited 30 years to get to this and it was worth it. You guys can wait a few more years, it will be worth it.”

CD Projekt Red has not commented on the release date yet, following the principle – It will be ready when it’s ready.

Mike: “Damn Straight.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is confirmed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a possible Switch port in near future.

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: “You Guys Can Wait A Few More Years, It Will Be Worth It”, Says Pondsmith”

  1. I can wait. Easily. I mean… I waited ten years for a Devil May Cry 5 trailer to drop, now I don’t give a shit how long it takes for it to release.
    What matters is completing the game. Again, DMC4 wasn’t a complete game, so by this point we all should learn to wait good 5-6 years for any game to fully develop…

    Hey, you people asked for better graphics and other non-essential stuff and you got them… You don’t have a right to whine now. I for one would’ve been okay playing games on the PS1 up to this day if they are made well.

      1. Ofcourse ! And why would you ? What is worse: get the unfinished game which was in development for 3 years and be sad about that and all the time wasted to produce… this abomination, or wait 6 years and get a complete game and be happy it actually did get released ?

        Seems pretty simple to me.

          1. Thanks for asking. My take is that people’s reaction is unfounded due to…
            Firstly, nobody at Red promised it to be in third person in the first place.
            Secondly, this here is a completely different and new franchise, right ? Then why does owe people anything ? Brave new ideas don’t own shit to people.
            Same goes for those Fromsoftware fans who are blowing up due to Shadows Die Twice being an action game and not a action/RPG they are used to… Who are you people to demand anything when it comes to new and bold ideas ?

            But then again, if a change like that comes to a already established series of games… Like if Fromsoft announced Bloodborne 2 and it is just an action game instead of an action/RPG then THAT would be a reason to bitch and moan.

            And I am not saint on the matter either. I still find the recent God of War to be an exciellent game that has literally nothing to do with God of War. Neither tone, nor gameplay is the same. I have a right to bitch and moan… But then again, it’s a good game… I wish I cared about it as much as I did for the previous ones… But again, it’s a good game… If only I cared about it as much as… (and so to infinity and beyond).

          2. Oh my ! I… thought that’s just… common sense… Oh, thank you, I will be coming, then.

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