Cyberpunk 2077 Review Bombed on Steam, Here’s Why

CyberPunk 2077 is no stranger to negative reviews. After its shaky launch, CD Projekt Red took its time to try and improve the game. Its recent updates to cater to the NextGen consoles transformed the game. It gained many positive reviews as the game improved graphically and answered many of its notorious bugs. However, recent events have caused users to review bomb the game.

The reason?

It seems CD Projekt Red’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had that effect. It’s because they recently released a statement halting game sales to Russia and Belarus.

  • It surprisingly angered many gamers, causing them to review bomb the game. According to their statements, the video games industry should not involve itself in political affairs.
  • It appears that while some of the negative reviews were legitimate, trolls began flooding the review section. They used various derogatory terms and posted memes on the game platform.
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Some positive comments support the move as it helps Ukraine.

Others believe that the angry reviews began from a group of frustrated Russians who heard of CD Projekt Red’s statements.

They are not the only ones who’ve made moves in opposition to Russia’s decision to attack. EA Sports announced that they would remove Russian teams from several of their games. Even Ukrainian officials are asking big names to halt their sales in Russia as an act of protest. In a time of conflict, mixed reactions are a common aftereffect.

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