Image Courtesy of keanuWheeze

Cyberpunk 2077 is being updated, but only with the help of modders. The massive city of Night City now has a completely operational subway system. However, we can only activate it if we install the Metro System mod.

This mode of transportation, designed by keanuWheeze, aims to make it easier for users to move about this massive stage. CD Projekt RED has already employed modders to contribute to the game, so there’s a chance that this Night City metro will be included in the final product. CLICK HERE to download the mod!

Night City Train

  • What can we expect from this mod? The Night City Train has 19 handcrafted stations where we can relax while waiting for our train to move across the Night City.
  • In fact, we can flip between 3rd and 1st person perspectives from the transport compartment, making the journey even more realistic. This enables us to enjoy the metropolitan landscape while contemplating the metropolis from the cart.
  • The metro, on the other hand, is smoothly incorporated into the game and with the controls: as described in the summary by keanuWheeze, this Night City Train is completely user-friendly and functional with the controller.
Image Courtesy of keanuWheeze
  • There are no loading screens, and you don’t have to set up any shortcut keys. This suggests that from the time we board the subway until we exit at the desired station, we will be able to enjoy the ride without disruptions and in a way that is convenient to everyone.
  • After the mod is installed, all we have to do is visit any of the map’s Metro fast travel spots. After that, just interact with the station’s entrances to get in.
  • The signage will direct us to the wagon’s destination, therefore the next step is to engage with it to board it. We can also listen to the radio and switch seats using the mouse wheel during the journey.
Image Courtesy of keanuWheeze

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