Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Revealed At Microsoft E3 2018 Conference

Microsoft revealed in a pretty stylish way, Cyberpunk 2077 at the E3 2018 Conference today. CD Projekt Red had teased Cyberpunk 2077 previously, years ago with clear depictions of a world filled with illusions, androids and a modern setting.

The game shows the future, a city of dreams, and not quite the ideal city of dreams at the same time, for it is ridden with crimes, mugging, murders and cyber terrorism. The visuals looks pretty insane for its age. The developers are also setting in a pretty cyberpunky, neon-aesthetic environment, with perhaps, an in-game hacking system in place, which is ofcourse a mandatory addition. We can get a pretty good idea of the setting and the theme.

The lack of proper gameplay footage renders it impossible to deduce anything regarding the gameplay, driving mechanics or the technical aspects altogether.

The story elements haven’t been revealed yet. However, the trailer says much itself.

The release date has not been revealed as of yet, but is sure to be announced soon.

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