Cyberpunk 2077 Dynamic Weather

Cyberpunk 2077 will have dynamic weather conditions, confirmed CDPR writer Stanislaw Swiecicki with Italian website Multiplayer.

CD Projekt Red introduced dynamic weather conditions with Witcher 3, which was highly praised by the community, allowing you to merge with the beautiful and ever-changing world.

Stanislaw said, “We wanted to make you feel like an integral part of the city right from the first moment, and as in all the cities, day and night, we wanted to show players how we were able to recreate a dark and dystopian future, even in daylight. Of course, there will be variable weather conditions”.

CDPR showed a glimpse of Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay to E3 2018 attendees behind closed doors, but the internet is yet to experience it.

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  1. Rockstar seemed to have raised the bar again with Red Dead 2 so CDPR gotta bring it with Cyberpunk. They will since that E3 video was bananas.


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