The hacker behind the CDPR ransomware attack on have recently put source codes for Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and Gwent for auction on a website called EXPLOIT. The news was reported by Tom’s Hardware via. vx-underground, also subsequently picked up by VGC.

Citing Fabian Wosar, Bleeping Computer wrote an article linking the server hacks to a group called HelloKitty.

This is following CDPR’s non-compliance with the hacker in coming to an agreement according to a statement issued by the company on the day the hack was revealed; the hacker had given 48 hours to the company threatening a leak in case the agreement fell through. CDPR has also claimed that none of their ex-employees’ data were affected but have also advised caution against fraud calls in the future.

CD Projekt Red stocks took a sharp nosedive on 9th February falling as low as 15 points. As of today, it stands at 269.59 PLN.

The starting bid is valued at $1kk ($1,000,000) and includes source codes of other CDPR games like Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, Witcher 3 RTX, internal documents as well as files pertaining allegedly to all offences committed by CDPR. The minimum bid is set at $500,000. The ceiling is set at $7,000,000, obtaining which, the stolen documents will be sold immediately.