The world of Cyberpunk existed popularly even before Cyberpunk 2077 came into existence. Yet it is true that the Action-RPG Open world game ‘opened’ or so to speak (write) to a number of individuals of the growing generation to a new world. Such a world consists of cybernetics, neo-thrills, futuristic environments, and all that to which one relates with the word Cyberpunk. Today we bring news of yet another addition to the massively growing genre of the same – a cyberpunk RPG Neon Blood.

What is the Cyberpunk RPG Indie Game Neon Blood all about?

Neon Blood title
via Steam

Neon Blood is developed by Chaotic Blood and should be listed under what people popularly understand as an indie game. Published by Meridiem Games & Gammera Nest, the game will blend 2D and 3D perspectives.  The game is scheduled for a 2023 release and will be available for XBOX, Pc, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch release.

The game has been rated PEGI 16 and forewarned of violence, drug use, and profanity. It is common practice to not make Cyberpunk games for children, the two just don’t fit together. Awash with crimes, sinister plots, corporate greed, and raging futuristic politics, Neon Blood will feature story-driven gameplay.

The plot of Neon Blood

Cyberpunk RPG
The environment as seen in Neon Blood trailer, via Steam

The premise of the game is such that after World War 3, the natives of a certain country resided in a new growing state of Viridis. Viridis, meaning green, is a rip-off of Emerald City.

The division of two cities and societies

  • The government formed by Viridis has divided the society into two cities, namely Bright City and Blind City.
  • The government runs in Bright City, enforcing laws, making judiciary work, and maintaining order. Inhabitants of Blind City are indisposed of such practices that naturally lead to disorder, crime, and chaos.

Characters, Cast, and Story in Neon Blood a Cyberpunk RPG

Neon Blood gameplay
Neon Blood gameplay, Via Steam

The protagonist Axel McCoin is an infamous ex-police detective who turned terrorist for the state. Plotting to usurp the reign of the government and to bring revolution to the future of Viridis. Accompanying Axel is his entrusted acquaintances. The game description describes them as Varya Gagarin (Junkyard), Silver Rayner (Boxer), and Basilio Tastiera (hacker).

Possible Gameplay in Neon Blood

Neon Blood Game
via Steam

The gameplay (as per the developers) involves a big macropolis full of secrets to be solved with a complete dialogue-based detective system. The story is about the political strife between the impoverished poor people of Blind City against the elite of Bright City. A plot that doesn’t feel unfamiliar.

A 2.5D Perspective Gameplay

Cyberpunk RPG Indie Game Neon Blood
Axel running around the city (possibly Bright City), via Steam

The gameplay involves a merging of 3D glossy beautiful landscapes with pixelated 2D character designs. As such it seems like a deliberate plan to merge the present-day game techs with a nostalgia for the old. A 2.5D perspective is never easy to pull off, yet never impossible.

A ‘beat the final boss’ story

Megaman Zero 4 gameplay
Megaman Zero 4 gameplay featuring a final final boss. Fanart by ScepterDPinoy in Devinart

The mission progress should include defeating the elite ruling Viridis, explicitly mentioned in the name of one individual. Emerald Ruby has been introduced in the game and described as a rich girl that keeps sure that the established order is continued. The gameplay story-wise would likely involve her as the final antagonist.

Something more brewing within the shadows

  • The developers mentioned that something more might be brewing beneath Bright City’s otherwise messiah-like order. This notes the possibility that the story will discover something far more heinous even after getting to the final antagonist.
  • Games like this do not make me surprised if it introduces a final villain. Something similar happened in Megaman Zero 4, and well the final villain was, welp.

Multiple playable characters

The official description already mentions that many heroes will be available. This should include Axel and all his acquaintances, and even possibly more.

Turn-based combat systems like old RPGs

A Turn By Turn Combat system
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia has turn-based combat system, courtesy of GameAxis

We all remember the good ol’ consoles. Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, etc. Remember the Pokemon Games or Kingdom Hearts games? Those old RPGs provided a combat system that took turns.

  • Unlike modern action games where you can bash at the opponent without halting, which is truth be told realistic, the old ones featured a turn-by-turn basis.
  • As in the player would attack and then the opponent would. As the game will allow multiple heroes, it is likely players will get a chance to take turns fighting.

A semi-semi open-world setting

  • Neon Blood doesn’t seem to be an Open World, but more like a semi-semi-open world. The official trailer reveals what seems to be Axel, the primary protagonist.
  • One can see Axel running around with a pixelated body amidst a 3D glossy night city landscape. The game would likely allow certain move-about within the levels and platforms.

Different dungeon-like levels may be explorable within Bright City and Blind City. Imagine one gameplay being in a shady neighborhood and the other in a central futuristic park.


The history of Cyberpunk RPG genre games is such that it has always blended futuristic themes with rogue-lite gameplay. The avenue of rogue-elite games includes (but isn’t limited to) dungeon-leveling, 2-dimensional perspective gameplay, story, and puzzle-based narratives, etc. Perhaps the most ambitious manifestation of the gamer’s dream for an expansive world of the Cyberpunk genre came with Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk 2077.

But it would be an error to get used to the open-world first-person expanse of Cyberpunk 2077. The genre truly shines when it remains true to its heritage. Its 2D-based story-driven and dungeon platform leveling system are a few such examples of its legacy.

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