Dark Souls: Remastered

I was pretty engaged with my studies when the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation went live and hence I couldn’t cover the announcement of Dark Souls: Remastered Edition then. Well, of course, I did watch the presentation but didn’t get the time to write about it. Anyways, the article is finally here along with a confirmation from Bandai Namco that the game won’t come with a cross-platform play support.

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A lot of rumours were going on speaking affirmative of the cross-platform support and fans were really excited about it. IGN reached out to Bandai Namco in order to find out about the same, to which, one of BN’s representative confirmed that Dark Souls: Remastered “will not have cross-platform play.”

So what lead to these rumours? Well, the original versions of Dark Souls didn’t support cross-play feature. But when Minecraft and Rocket League came to Nintendo Switch, they brought this feature along with them. Fans thought it might be the time they see a Dark Souls cross-play support as well. Sadly, that isn’t happening.

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Dark Souls: Remastered is due on May 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course, Nintendo Switch. I don’t have a Switch and I don’t think I’ll be able to write in-depth articles about these games. For proper articles on Nintendo games, visit Nintendo Life.

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