Darkfall: New Dawn Comes To Life After 2 Years Of Development

Darkfall: New Dawn

‘The virtual world is a mirror image of the real world’ – Kirito, Sword Art Online.

We play video games almost every day, and games which allow you to interact with other players in a living world that changes with player induced changes in it are the MMOs. Virtual worlds, which are player controlled, with the GM, occasionally peeking in to see if anything is wrong or not.

That is something French startup Ub3rgames is going to target – a living virtual world called Darkfall: New Dawn.


Aventurine originally developed Darkfall Online in in 2009, which became of the most highly anticipated MMORPG of its time. It was the first and only MMOFPS with large-scale combat, full loot system, and no tab targeting. DFO left thousands of fans mourning when the server closed in 2012, putting Darkfall to its end.

Since February 2016, the indie studio, who took over the old and beloved game, has been working on unleashing a new and improved version of the MMORPG,  under the name Darkfall: New Dawn, targeting both the veterans and new gamers.

What’s New

The Day One patch introduced two features players have craved for long –

The Local Banking System – allowing for a player-driven economy.

The Title System – giving the user the ability to choose their own specialization in the forms of perks and skills, offering diversity in a classless game.

These two changes created a real difference and are an improvement over the original game.


“Darkfall had such high expectations during the lead up to its original launch, and we feel we can eventually make good on all the promises made back then while correcting the original’s flaws. We’ll start with one of the unique conquest games out there, and as time goes on, increase its depth to satisfy all kind of players. Darkfall: New Dawn is about redemption”, said Ub3rgames CEO, Marc Thompson.

Ub3rgames has released a surprise trailer for the players, in an attempt to celebrate Darkfall’s launch. Check it out –

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