Darkfall: New Dawn Update 2.1 Brings Remarkable Necromancy & Signature Spells Changes

Darkfall: New Dawn

Darkfall: New Dawn’s freshest update is now live, with the goal to have magic schools that play differently, as bundles of spells. The update refurnishes necromancy features in the game and signature spells with some other minor changes.

When a player has the Necromancy title after the inclusion of the new update, Necromancy damage spells will leech 10% of their damage on players, 5% on monsters. Unholy damage will no longer affect any’s stamina or mana, and eye rot damage is now unholy damage.

In Signature Spells, Earthquake will now allow moving while channelling, with an increased cost but less damage to the caster. Healing Chant will allow the same. However, the update has reduced self-healing as compared to outgoing healing. Also, Wall of Force’s effect and visuals will now coincide better.

In other changes, holy damage type won’t do further stamina damage, but 40% mana damage. Sacred Missile, Acid Arrow, Corrosive blast and Disintegrate damages have gone down. And, house doors will now have a 1 hour cooldown after being destroyed.

You can hop over to Darkfall: New Dawn’s official website for the full update notes.

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