The Darkside Detective Launches A Comical Mystery July 27th

The small team at Spooky Doorway has created a very comical, yet intricate paranormal mystery game called The Darkside Detective! You will play as Detective McQueen and must solve multiple cases happening around your city with your only partner, Ofc. Dooley, around to help you!

This point-and-click adventure got it’s initial launch on Steam on July 27th and has a total of six cases. The full map puzzles will have you venturing through all the areas withing each cases location in order to find out what is causing the mysterious events, each involving the Darkside.

While you may not always receive the credit you are due, it will be a nice venture and experience to solve the cases that can range from an evil plot that only you can thwart to a stupid, comical mistake that you are pretty much just cleaning up.

The banter between McQueen and Dooley will keep you entertained, even when you find yourself stuck on what to do next! This game deserves to be on everybody’s library and, if popular enough, we can look forward to even more cases to come to the darkside division!

Check out the Launch Trailer: