Darksiders 3 New Trailer Has Arrived; More Combat, Flashy Whip and Ultimate Combos

Darksiders 3, the third instalment of the Darksiders franchise by Gunfire Games is getting ready for the coming year. The first trailer released earlier this year, where we saw War (protagonist of the first Darksiders) tied up in chains and being taunted by her older sister, Fury – yet another member of ‘The Four Horsemen.’ To read more about the lore, click here.

A new 1:40 minutes long trailer has come out recently, that shows Fury’s FURYious (get it?) moves, jumps and killer combos. Here’s everything the trailer includes –

“The seals of the apocalypse have been broken”

Unlike the first trailer, this time Fury has a great blue-coloured shiny armour. She is making her way through ‘The Hollows’. The environment has been upgraded with lots of fire, lava flowing all around the place, and great ‘reddish-orange’ details. Fury’s main weapon, her whip, looks more fluent and better.

Each time you kill an enemy, (mostly those skeletons) you capture their souls. Just like Shadow Fiend in Dota 2, or… I’m out of examples. Throughout the place, there are ‘statue-like’ structures made of bones and skulls, that turn into living enemies when whipped. Fury’s whip can also be used to jump across the place, like Spiderman, you know. However, the attacks feel a bit laggy and there’s a tiny time-gap after each attack, making the game look a bit frozen.

One of the cool things the trailer feature is the triple jump. Have a look –

In the very end, we see Fury fighting a Lava Brute – a boss-like foe – who looks pretty much like one of Warlock’s golem in Dota 2. Fury jumps, dodges, whips, performs some great combos and ends the trailer with the ‘Darksiders 3’ logo.

Watch the Trailer

Reading a few comments

I read a few comments on the trailer’s YouTube page and it seems fans are really excited for it. Most of them are ‘excited’ while a few ‘can’t wait to try it out’. Go check out the comments yourself by clicking right here. Time to wrap up! Thanks for reading this article piece. Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications to stay updated with more Darksiders 3. Until next time, Happy Gaming!