Darksiders 3 Will Focus More On Gameplay Than Story: Gunfire Games

Darksiders 3

The news comes straight out of the Official PlayStation Magazine September 2018 Issue 152 that Darksiders 3 will have an increased focus on its gameplay rather than the story. Gunfire Games co-founder David Adams discussed it elaborately.

Speaking to PSM, David said, “Darksiders is and has always been a video game. There’s still cool cutscenes and we have scenes around all of the Sins, and cool key story moments, but you’re not being bombarded by [a] story – you’re running around fighting stuff and solving puzzles. That was a purposeful decision.”

David also commented on the issues players faced and complained about the earlier title, Darksiders 2. He said, “When Darksiders II came out people were like, ‘What’s all this RPG crap doing in my Darksiders game?’ You’ve got to take some risks or else the games become stale. But you’ve got to walk the line between risk and not completely betraying what makes the franchise what it is.”

As you progress in Darksiders 3, the world around you will change itself, as to match your power and skill. It’s a new mechanic Gunfire has been working on for Darksiders 3. “Take them at your pace. Every time you kill a Sin it levels the world up; your power curve begins to grow away from the world, then you kill a Sin and it resets to match you”, David commented.

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3 thoughts on “Darksiders 3 Will Focus More On Gameplay Than Story: Gunfire Games”

  1. That’s good to know. I don’t know why people care so much on games like these. Gameplay should always come first in general, otherwise we will keep having games with great story and average gameplay, as seen on Witcher and Hellblade.

    1. Games aren’t storybooks. They’re meant to offer diverse gameplay for the player to explore.

      It’s not the scripted stories that we remember in a long-run, but the stories, the memories and the moments we created while playing the games.

  2. The Winter Phoenix

    The story for Darksiders though good has never been the strongest point for it, that would gameplay.

    As for why people sometimes prioritize story over gameplay is because video games are an interactive medium, and the potentials for story telling are rather large, and in recent years games have begun to stand out in terms of their ability to tell a story.

    It really just comes down to ones preference.

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