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The Surreal top-down Survival Horror Game Darkwood Launching today

The much awaited much hyped game of 2017, the Darkwood finally releases today after 3 years of continuous waiting. If you don’t know about this game already or haven’t heard about it yet, you are probably missing something big. The game created a lot of hype and people actually went crazy when the early access of this horror survival was made available on Steam about three years ago. And after quite a long time of delay, the game is now completely launched and you can get your hands officially at the successfully crowdfunded top-down horror survival.

Darkwood 2017

Darkwood 2017

Earlier, their was a live action trailer released by the developer Acid Wizard Studio to mark the release of Darkwood and the game is not only available for you to buy but it is also at 10% discount right at the first day of sales which is pretty impressive.

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Now after a month after the launch of the trailer and 3 years of long waiting time, the game is now available on steam and it is priced at 14.99$. Also there is a 10% current discount offer till 24 August which is pretty good and it will surely help boost the starting business of horror live action.

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Darkwood is coming to Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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