Dating Rumor: How did Harry Styles and Taylor Russell meet?

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell face dating rumors

The ropes of Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are once again tangled up. Both the stars attended The Effect at the National Theater on Wednesday evening, August 9. Following Russell’s performance, the rumored couple got cozy at the afterparty and left together.

As per the reports of Page Six, Harry, who attended the event with The Late Late Show host James Corden and his wife, left the venue holding the suitcase and purse of Taylor. She soon followed him through the same door and jumped into his car. With these reports, the star couple’s dating rumors rekindled. Here’s everything you need to know about their long-going alleged relationship.

How did Harry Styles and Taylor Russell meet?

Harry Styles was dating Olivia Wilde for over two years before they broke up in November 2022. There weren’t many details on the reasons for pulling the plug, but sources claim that both the stars had different priorities, and they amicably decided to go separate ways.

  • Following the public breakup, Styles was spotted kissing Emily Ratajkowski in the streets of Japan. As EmRata is a friend of Olivia, the love life of Harry seemed messed up. However, Olivia was soon seen wearing old shirts of Harry. It appeared the couple had sorted out their old laundry and given each other another chance.

There’s no exact timeline on how the two met; however, Harry Styles was captured with Taylor Russell for the first time in London. Soon after, TMZ reported spotting her in the VIP section of the Watermelon Sugar singer’s concert in Vienna. Despite the ambiguous nature of the reports, people started to wonder if there was any fire underneath the smoke.

  • That’s when the first speculative captures came as they both were seen wandering in Vienna on the day after the concert. Following these rumors in July 2023, we had reached the latest date when they were both seen allegedly getting cozy at The Effect afterparty.

Who is Harry’s rumored beau?

The 29-year-old actress Taylor Russell is best known for starring opposite Timothée Chalamet in Bones and All. Their chemistry during the promotions also sparked dating rumors before they fizzled out naturally.

  • The other projects credited to Russell include Netflix’s Lost In Space, Escape Room, and Waves. She will also star in the upcoming movie Mother Couch opposite Ewan McGregor and Hope with Alicia Vikander.

Taylor Russell comes from a film background, as her father was also an actor. Due to this, she moved around a lot, although she was born in Vancouver, Canada. In an interview with Elle, the star opened up about her childhood, stating that she didn’t grow up in a wealthy family.

“My parents struggled; we were on welfare at one point. Things changed a lot, so there was always an opportunity for reinvention and to create something new,” the actress shared.

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell dating?

According to the rumors, they are definitely getting cozy with each other, but there aren’t any confirmations from the individuals or their management. Considering the ambiguous nature of their meet-ups as well, they might be just good friends.

  • We must wait for official announcements before jumping on the romantic train. Although, the stars do make an adorable couple.

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