Days Gone Review Embargo Lifts April 25; Confirmed

Days Gone

Reviews for Days Gone will start circulating the internet from April 25, confirmed Sony in an email.

According to the email, the review embargo lifts April 25, 5:31 pm IST. This includes both written and video reviews. Have a look at the time breakdown –


Pacific Time (PDT) 5:01 am, Thursday, 25th April
Central Time (CDT) 6:01 am, Thursday, 25th April
Eastern Time (EDT) 8:01 am, Thursday, 25th April
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (UTC-3) 9:01 am, Thursday, 25th April
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 12:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
London, United Kingdom (BST) 1:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Berlin (CEST) 2:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Moscow, Russia Federation (MSK) 3:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Dubai, UAE (UTC+04) 4:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Indian Standard Time (IST) 5:31 pm, Thursday, 25th April
China Time (GMT+8) 8:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Japan Standard Time (JST) 9:01 pm, Thursday, 25th April
Australian Time (AEDT) 10:01 pm, Friday, 25th April
New Zealand Time (NZDT) 12:01 am, Thursday, 26th April

Fans were expecting the embargo to lift a week prior to the game’s release. However, as confirmed recently, we won’t know what scores reviewers have in mind for Days Gone until only one day prior to its release. We’re one of the media outlets in India to have received a review code for the game. Stay tuned for our review!

What’s your score prediction? Can you guess what score we’re planning for Days Gone? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Days Gone Review Embargo Lifts April 25; Confirmed”

  1. I predict the game will do around a 75 on metacritic. This game has been compared by so many people to The Last of Us since its announcement and its just sad and the reality that this is the way people are going to review it. Only a PlayStation game is allowed to be reviewed and compared to other top PlayStation games when being reviewed.

    What was up with some of the previews for this game and people talking about the main character being white or something? If it was even being criticised for something bizarre as that, it has no chance.

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