Days Gone Update 1.25 Is Available

Days Gone Release Date Announcement Coming ‘Very Soon’

While Days Gone is making a name for itself and has enjoyed great success for a few months now, the game continues to be updated regularly by SIE Bend Studios. A new patch is available now for download.

Days Gone, an exclusive PS4 title published by SIE Bend Studios, has decided to release a small emergency patch to fix some bugs that are detrimental to the gaming experience. Patch 1.25 is deployed to correct some problems related to the challenge “Drifter’s Run” also arriving with this patch. It is noted that this patch also helps to solve some more general concerns, which ultimately can be frustrating.

DLC Challenges of the Week:

  • “Drifter’s Run” is our first challenge involving our bike! Collect all the bandages in the difficult volcanic area of ​​Crater Lake.
  • Avoid burning houses, freakers, and the horde to get the bandages as quickly as possible and cross the finish line.
  • Use the ramps to earn bonus points, and use your Nitro as often as possible.

Note that all challenges that get deploy are planned to remain unlocked indefinitely.

Game progression issues:

Players must now be able to progress properly in the mission “It’s a rifle, not a gun”

Resolutions of general problems:

  • NPC general awareness has been improved in all difficulty modes.
  • If you are killed directly after burning a nest, the nest will be repopulated.
  • Collecting items around an ammo box will now also collect the ammo box.
  • Scoring adjustments for the “Drifter’s Run” challenge.
  • The correct number of manufactured bolts will now be visible in the player’s menu.
  • Fixed a problem impacting survival vision and enemy contours in survival mode.
  • The “Dead do not Ride” sticker should now appear in the mechanics menu.

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