Days Gone’s Fifth Weekly Challenge Is Available

Days Gone is a title with “almost” unexpected success. The release date of Bend Studio’s new effort was postponed several times. In fact, it had been scheduled for 2018, but something forced the creators to postpone it all the time. Finally, Days Gone was released last April 26 and sold a considerable number of units.

Starting from June 28th, Bend Studio began supporting the title with the addition of new content released weekly. The fifth weekly challenge is available for free to all game owners. Who will be the brave gamers who manage to complete it?

Following a little in the wake of last week, even in this Deacon will have to face a horde. The challenge is called fearless knight and this will see us struggling with as many as 300 and eliminate them in the shortest possible time.

Also this week there are goals to complete in a single attempt, in order to raise your score in the online rankings. The objectives to be completed are the following:

  • Hawkeye: make X eliminations with the crossbow;
  • Untouchable: make X eliminations without suffering damage;
  • In the center of the viewfinder: make X headshots;
  • Useless Risk: make X eliminations without performing somersaults;

Whoever succeeds in completing these objectives, establishing a high score, will receive the Resistant patch, which reduces the consumption of vigor while running or rolling. Once unlocked it will be possible both to use it in the weekly challenges and to increase it in the game. All that remains for me is to wish a big good luck to all the players who will compete in this challenge!


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