Dead by Daylight November update – What’s new?

The Dead by Daylight November update looks to be one of its biggest as it continues its collaboration with Ubisoft’s For Honor. Before this new launch, players wondered why their collaboration only included one tiny trinket cosmetic in the game. Meanwhile, For Honor implemented several skins that represent the killers found in Dead by Daylight.

As it turns out, the developers needed more time to flesh out their intended collaboration. The update will include a new killer, survivor, map, and additional perks.

The Knight

The Knight looks like it came from a horror version of For Honor. It can summon three guards controlled by the AI. Each of these guards has different specialties, and the killer can give them commands. You have:

  1. The Assassin: specializing in catching survivors
  2. The Jailor: specializing in patrol and defense
  3. The Carnifex: specializing in damaging and destroying objects

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The knight is a high-difficulty killer because it will take some time for players to become accustomed to its abilities. A person who can master it may find the ability to even the odds in numbers when facing survivors. The Knight also brings several new killer perks to the game:

  • Hubris: Exposes survivors when they stun the killer
  • Hex: Face the Darkness: Survivors outside the killer’s terror will intermittently scream
  • Nowhere to Hide: Killer discovers nearby survivor auras after they kick a generator

Vittorio Toscano

Alongside the killer is a new survivor Vittorio Toscano, an arcane explorer, and scholar. The trailer released for Dead by Daylight revealed him to be the one the Knight is chasing after. He hired the Knight to protect him, but he is now the hunted after the adventure went south. He adds new survivor perks to the game, which is likely a reflection of his abilities:

  • Fogwise: Reveal the killer’s aura after hitting a great skill check
  • Potential energy: The survivor can store and transfer generator progress
  • Quick gambit: Speed up generator repair when there is a nearby killer

The Shattered Square

Finally, a map called The Shattered Square will be a part of the game with this new update. The map looks like it has taken inspiration from the battlefields you find when playing For Honor. The village includes cottages and several rustic buildings.

Get Ready for the November Update

The November update will be the 26th Chapter of Dead by Daylight, called Forged in Fog. It will go live on November 22, 2022. Meanwhile, players can play a beta test version of the game through the Public Test server (PTB).

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The October update transformed Entity’s Realm into a Halloween playground to celebrate the season. These included pumpkins spread throughout the map, which may benefit or hamper the players. Playing the event, called Haunted by Daylight, will unlock bone shirts for several of the survivors.

The update also brought about the debut of Scream’s Ghostface. It also added survivor Mikaela Reld and a new map called The House of Arkham.

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