Ringu or The Ring, the upcoming big collaboration for Dead by Daylight, has been revealed in a new teaser published by Behaviour Interactive. The introduction teaser features the game’s survivor coming upon the infamous well from The Ring films. The clip also has a lot of distortion, which reminds me of tape recordings from movies!

The Ring

  • In the original Japanese film/novel, the girl was named Sadako Yamamura. In the US film, she is referred to as Samara. Though the unveiling clip doesn’t confirm anything, Samara will most probably be the upcoming new villain in Dead by Daylight. She has the credentials to follow the ranks of other well-known horror baddies like Freddy, Michael, and Leatherface.
  • Ringu (The Ring) is a Japanese horror movie released in 1998 that is adapted to the same-named novel. The plot revolves around a mystery film that, if seen seven days later, will kill the person who saw it. A haunting female dressed in a white gown and with long dark hair will emerge from the television.

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The skill to hurl machetes may not seem spectacular when other predators in Dead by Daylight can transport, summon phantom crows, and become invisible. Any survivor who has been hit by a hatchet throughout the field understands how deadly the Huntress can be!

Patience Pays

It’s normal to want to swat a survivor with a hatchet as soon as they arrive. However, it’s usually a horrible idea. Survivors can hide under cover, weave an unpredictable course in the open, and evade a hatchet throw by using Dead Hard. READ MORE…

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