All the mysterious teases from Hideo Kojima finally have a payoff as Death Stranding 2 appeared at The Game Awards 2022. The credits of the latest trailer revealed that Elle Fanning will indeed be a new addition to the sequel, though her role is still unknown. Norman Reedus will also return to play Sam Porter Bridges.

What the Trailer Revealed

Hideo Kojima mentioned that he was already writing the story for Death Stranding 2 before the pandemic. However, he rewrote it because it closely resembled real-life events. The trailer revealed parts about Fragile’s (Lea Seydoux) backstory, like before she became a part of the events of Death Stranding. There, an unknown assailant pursues her, the video cutting to the present before any reveal.

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She’s then shown alongside a much older Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) as she tells him he must travel elsewhere. The sequel will also see the return of Troy Baker, who may reprise his role of Higgs or play another character. Before the end of the trailer, we get the ominous question, “Should we have connected?”

According to Kojima, Death Stranding 2 is a tentative title, hence the DS2 acronym at the end of the trailer. The game could be a new type of game altogether, or it could build around the first game’s strong points.

What’s interesting is that rumors are going around that Death Stranding 2 isn’t Kojima’s only project. He’s also working on something new, but that project is likely in its early stages. The name Overdose has been connected to him. It isn’t known if it’s tied to Death Stranding or something else entirely.

The Polarizing Death Stranding

Death Stranding has two sides to the coin. There were a lot of players who were surprised at how different the game was. They expect some action or stealth akin to Kojima’s Metal Gear series. However, we got something different. Many are now calling Death Stranding a game that gave birth to the Strand genre.

At first glance, because of the polarizing reviews, it may feel like the original game wasn’t worth the play, abd the sequel. However, many of its fans testify how you should enter the game with an open mind. The descriptions of Death Stranding range from therapeutic to revolutionary. Others say it’s worth the play to experience the game’s climax alone.

Regardless, we’re in for a ride as the sequel will arrive at Next-Gen consoles. Kojima Studios is a part of the Sony umbrella of developers, meaning that the game will likely release as an exclusive for a year. From there, we’ll see a PC port. With how The Game Awards trailers usually go, we might see its release in 2023. However, a game can delay and release in 2024 instead.

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