Death Stranding In “Important Phase” Of Development Says Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding

The mysterious Hideo Kojima posted an update about his even more mysterious creation Death Stranding on Twitter just now. Explaining about the production and development, Kojima says the game is in an “important phase”.

Kojima wrote that Death Stranding isn’t in the stage of difficulty adjustment and debugging yet. Rather, the development team is actually putting together the game they developed on their development machine, to make it one final product.

“DS(Death Stranding) is not in its difficulty adjustment and debugging stage, but [in the stage of] combing all the game elements formed in the development tools into the game”, Kojima wrote in Japanese.

Writing further, Kojima claims that he has been playing the game directly on the actual PlayStation 4 by connecting the parts, correcting the operations, specifications and problems. Kojima Productions are in the “process of fleshing and scraping”.

“While I am playing the game directly on the actual PS4 machine, I am connecting, adjusting and correcting the operations, the directions, the specifications and the problems. Important phase 🌈”, Kojima wrote.

PlayStation recently announced their “State of Play” video series, the first episode of which will be available on 25th March, where they’ll be announcing new games, showing gameplay and providing details on newer releases or updates. Speculating from the update Kojima posted today, we might get some details on Death Stranding on 25th March. We don’t have a release date for Death Stranding yet. We’ll update when there’s an update.

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