Death Stranding
Sam Porter - Death Stranding. Courtesy of Kojima Productions

UPDATE: Apparently, it was a glitch. The game is back to its 60$ price on both the platforms. 

Death Stranding made its way to PS4 worldwide today. Amidst the hyped-up worldwide release, the game also went up for pre-order for PC. The game is now available for pre-order on PC via Steam and Epic Store.

The game has received pretty great reviews from critics so far, with Caleb Wysor calling it, “an astonishing, compelling and provocative experience, even if it isn’t always as exciting to play as it is to think about.” in our review. Indians interested to play the game have pretty great news coming forward. The game is available on Epic Store for a mere 22$, around 1640 INR, as compared to the full 3,999 INR price on Steam.

This likely a result of regional pricing which is incorporated pretty well on the Epic Store. Lately, games on Steam haven’t been getting the regional price advantage as far as India is concerned. With Epic’s entry, Indians will be getting these games at cheaper prices once again.


    • Epic Games Store is just a clockbait to gain consumers. When Fortnite dies, Epic won’t be Epic anymore. LOL


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