After the current president, Bridget Strand, asks Sam on her deathbed to rescue Amelie and reconnect America, he reluctantly sets out

It’s just been a few hours since the revelation of Death Stranding’s release date for PC. The game got its Steam Store Page up and the same has made a pretty interesting revelation. According to the Store page, Death Stranding will be using Denuvo’s anti-tamper tech.

Denuvo’s anti-tamper tech has been around a lot of controversies in the past. It’s been said that the presence of Denuvo affects performance in-game. While developers and Denuvo denied such claims, facts showed a different story. Nonetheless, this is the 2nd AAA game to get Denuvo anti-tamper tech this year. Resident Evil 3, which is also slated for launch in the upcoming few weeks will also have Denuvo. Thankfully, Doom Eternal won’t have Denuvo.

Death Stranding had got pretty polarizing reviews at launch. Our very own Caleb Wyso writes in his review of Death Stranding,Death Stranding is a distorted vision of the open-world genre, pulled apart by its individual threads, deconstructed, and sewn back together in the image of its director, Hideo Kojima. It’s an astonishing, compelling and provocative experience, even if it isn’t always as exciting to play as it is to think about”. Despite the polarizing reviews, we definitely recommend trying it out.