Delta Flight Passenger’s Diarrhea Incident: Will they be banned from the airlines?

If you logged into your social media recently, then chances are you have come across the viral news of Delta Air Flight making a U-turn due to one of the passenger’s unfortunate diarrhea incident. This incident particularly went viral because of the pilot’s surprising measures until the passengers’ accounts were shared. Here’s what happened, why the pilot decided to make the U-turn, and if the passenger will be banned from Delta Airlines.

Warning: The article includes a video from the flight, which might be unsuitable for some.

Why did Delta Flight return after the passenger’s diarrhea incident?

Flight 194 was two hours into its journey from Atlanta to Barcelona on Friday, September 1 evening, when the pilot reportedly decided to return. In a video uploaded on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), the pilot announced they would make a U-turn due to a passenger’s diarrhea that went ‘all the way through the airplane.’

  • Following the Delta flight passenger’s diarrhea incident, the pilot decided to make an emergency U-turn as it was a bio-hazard. As heard in the above video, the incident was a medical issue that required care, and the airplane needed cleaning. The plane returned to Atlanta and flew in the early hours of the next day after thorough cleaning.
  • In a statement to the Insider, one of the operators shared that they received the information about the medical issue on board and the request for an emergency return. After the safe landing, the crew thoroughly and efficiently sanitized the plane so the passengers could reach their destination.

Will the passenger be banned from the airlines?

Apart from the unfortunate delay, the incident affected people on the said flight. With most sharing their horrific experience online, the question remains whether the passenger would receive any consequences or even be banned from the airlines.

It may have been the messiest of experiences, but Delta Air has yet to speak if consequences would be given officially. But, given that days have passed after this incident, we speculate that no consequence was given to the person. In fact, the passenger who suffered the health issue also received emergency medical care and reportedly returned to the flight to reach Barcelona.

  • A Delta spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience it brought to their passengers and assured them to clean the plane thoroughly. Still, it was a good call by the pilot and crew to U-turn as this biohazard issue can threaten human health.

Passengers share information about the incident

As the video of the Delta Air Flight’s incident went viral, many netizens wondered what ‘all the way through’ referred to and just how bad the situation was to require an emergency U-turn. Until the videos of the passengers leaving surfaced online showing explicitly what that meant, some passengers on board shared their accounts of the situation.

  • One of the passengers shared that the discharge covered the aisle and smelled horrible. The flight attendants tried to cover it with vanilla fragrance, but it wasn’t helpful. Another passenger praised the pilot and the ground crew for deciding to return and ripping out the carpet while cleaning the plane.
  • The footage of the passengers leaving that captured the incident explicitly surfaced online. The video below captures the scene, so the reader’s discretion is advised.

Netizens react

The netizens on platform X (former Twitter) felt shocked by the incident. At first, they couldn’t believe the situation within the airplane, but later, many people praised the crew for managing the situation in the best way possible. Meanwhile, many expressed concerns regarding the health and identity of the passenger. Read some of the reactions below.

  • Following the emergency return of the Delta Air flight due to the risk of biohazard from the passenger’s diarrhea, the flight safely reached its destination eight hours late.

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