Destiny 2 is Currently The Hottest Game in The World: Here’s Why

The second edition of the classic sci-fi action first-person shooter, Destiny 2 had a more than a fabulous opening collection, to be honest, it was a huge success for the developers, Bungie and Activision. It has been just 2 weeks since its worldwide launch and it has already shattered some historical records in the gaming industry. Without any doubt, the game did pretty well as compared to its previous part, Destiny, which was launched back in 2014 (almost 3 years from now) and it was then entitled to be the biggest new console game franchise launch in history.

Surprisingly enough, the new edition of the franchise, Destiny 2 reportedly broke this record within just a week of its launch as it was confirmed in a statement by the game developers themselves. They said that the Destiny 2 has already crossed the previous part in digital sales and player engagement figures. Not only that, Destiny 2 packed one million concurrent players across the consoles which is the highest so far according to the game publisher, Activision.

Talking about the records, the game was on fire as it broke the record for best first day global sales on PlayStation Store. Not only PlayStation, the game is now entitled to be the biggest console launch week of the year.

Destiny 2

As a 2017 record-breaking classic, Destiny 2 didn’t only break the records of sales and players, but it is even the most watched game on Twitch right now. And it adds to its award for being most played game on Twitch for three years in a row. Before the official launch of the game, 2 beta versions were introduced in the market previously and they were able to reach 600 million minutes of viewers’ time on the most famous streaming platform and the game is right now the most watched one among all the latest editions. The fans of Destiny 2 are not only enjoying the game by playing but the figure from Twitch shows that they even love to watch others play this awesome game.

Lastly, it has just been 10 days since the game has launched on the consoles and it has already shattered such many records and set new standards in the gaming industry. But don’t think the action is limited to this as we are yet to unveil some more stuff when the game finally makes its official launch for PC too on 24th October worldwide. And we can sure bet that being such a classic for consoles, the game is going to do even better on PC when it will be released.