Destiny 2: Dares of Eternity Is The “Best Activity Added”, Says Players

Dares of Eternity should be the new norm for prizes in Destiny 2, according to a Reddit user; showcasing the community’s reaction. All non-dungeon weaponry, the Forerunner Exotic sidearm, decorative items varying from universal ornaments to Bungie’s strangest ship, and even more stuff concealed behind are all highlighted by the user.

The Community Agrees

  • Many gamers agreed, and the topic received a lot of attention on the website, with over 4,000 upvotes, demonstrating that Dares of Eternity is currently the most rewarding activity in the game.
  • Some Destiny 2 fans recall Menagerie’s great rewards, but it’s worth noting that Menagerie had upset players for a long time. However, once the problem was rectified and the releases were reduced, the community immediately fell in love with it.

Dares of Eternity needs to be the new standard for activity rewards
byu/Random-recon inDestinyTheGame

To top it off, the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack contains amusing boss designations, as well as a plethora of traps and challenge courses to make every drop or death even more impressive. It’s no surprise that gamers adore Dares of Eternity, and it should, in fact, become the new standard for in-game activities in the future.

30th Anniversary

Bungie, the video game company that gave us the Destiny series is all set to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The anniversary was back in May. However, the studio is celebrating in the month of December, before the end of the year.

To mark its celebration, Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Pack will be out on the 7th of December. READ MORE…

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