The iconic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is fist-bumping its way back into Destiny 2 in December, as a part of its special 30th Anniversary Pack. To celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, Bungie will hold a humongous in-game celebration. This will include free events and even items players in Destiny 2 can enjoy; this is also inclusive of a new six-player match-made activity.

  • Furthermore, a special 30th Anniversary Pack will be available for players to purchase.
  • This pack will consist of a new exotic weapon, exotic ship, three-player dungeon, four emotes, two universal ornament sets, and a one-of-a-kind helmet ornament.
  • The dungeon enables the players to earn a Thorn-inspired armor set and old Destiny 1 weapons such as Eyaslune and 1000-yard stare; it is in this dungeon that you’ll find Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 Bungie Anniversary Schedule

Unfortunately, there is no set schedule in place yet. All we know is that this event is slated for December and it is set to feature both free and premium content for all the players.

The first and foremost is the Dares of Eternity which is a six-man/player activity. While only a little information is available for the same, Bungie reveals that this will celebrate the merger of Destiny 2’s past with secrets – to unravel the secrets and earning of rewards will kick off the game’s celebrated long and storied past.

Gjallarhorn is Back!

  • With Gjallarhorn making its grand comeback into Destiny 2, few tweaks follow. In a partnership made with Nerf, rumor has it that a dart-firing version of Gjallarhorn is slated to come but it was not put up during the Showcase.
  • Furthermore, the showcase of Destiny 2 was revealed with a new trailer for its upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. Leaked data sources exact the release date as of February 22, 2022.

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