Destiny 2 Rumored to Come to PC

Destiny 2

Rumors regarding Destiny 2’s coming to PC have been surfaced on the internet.

A few people claim to know about this. Destiny 2 is coming in 2017 for the Xbox One and PS4.

On 27th September, there was a forum post on NeoGAF whose original poster said he knew a guy who works at Activision and Destiny 2’s porting to PC is what’s being “internally communicated to employees.”


See the forum post here. A further post with a lot more information was released which is pretty much confident that it’s going to happen. It provides facts and claims along with logical backing and almost proves it. See the more detailed post here.

It is pretty thin information but Kotaku shared something similar recently as well, which solidifies the rumor. Some bits of the Kotaku post by Jason Schreler were also picked up by the more detailed forum post.

If these rumors are to be believed, Destiny 2 feels like a completely new game. We’ve seen porting to PC happen in the way where the game changes a lot. This might be the case here as well.

Brands like Forbes have also talked about Destiny’s porting out to PC and how it’s actually for the best of both the developers and the players (The Case For A Clean Slate In ‘Destiny 2’). Right now, a search about Destiny 2 returns news pieces which are mostly related to porting out to PC.

Well, whatever the case, Destiny fans have a reason to rejoice.

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