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Destiny 2 State of the Game : All details - Featured

Destiny 2, a popular game developed by Bungie, is in a state of continuous evolution. The game’s current state reflects Bungie’s commitment to improvement and innovation. Recent updates and changes have further enhanced the gaming experience, keeping players engaged and excited for what’s to come in the world of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 State of The Game Recent Updates

Destiny 2 has bounced back from a controversial expansion. The issues faced, such as balance and content concerns, sparked a significant reaction from the community. Bungie addressed these issues head-on, implementing changes based on player feedback. The development team’s current focus is on smaller tweaks and improvements, aligning with Bungie’s strategy for Destiny 2 to ensure a polished, engaging experience.

Upcoming changes include new ritual vendor weapons, adding variety to player arsenals. New PvP maps and modes are set to refresh the competitive scene. 

Cosmetic favoriting will allow players to personalize their characters further, while the direct purchase of Stasis Aspects and Fragments will streamline character progression. Moving next to Exotic Fish tasks, a new Exotic Mission Rotator is also on the horizon, promising exciting challenges for players.

Plans are underway for a game stability update, which aims to boost performance, reduce issues, and enhance the overall player experience. These developments highlight Bungie’s commitment to the Destiny 2 community.

New Features and Changes

Destiny 2_ State of the Game
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  • Destiny 2 gears up to roll out new features and changes. These updates promise to reshape gameplay, aligning with what players want.
  • Feedback from the community paints a mixed picture. While some players applaud the game’s evolution, others express reservations.
  • Kotaku’s article reveals the introduction of new maps and modes, the addition of new weapons, and a new seasonal progression paradigm. These changes breathe fresh life into the Destiny 2 experience.
  • As we gaze into 2024, we anticipate even bigger features. While the specifics remain under wraps, the current trends and updates hint at a potential game revolution. Destiny 2, it seems, is set to maintain its leading edge in the gaming industry

Expansion of Destiny 2’s PvP

Destiny 2’s PvP is set to expand with the introduction of a new map, Multiplex, and a new mode, Relic. The Multiplex map, set against a Vex environment, offers an asymmetrical layout that caters to multiple game modes. Further, the design team has ensured that the map’s Mars palette mitigates potential player orientation issues while adding an evocative look.

Destiny 2 PVP
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The new mode, Relic, is a 6v6 party mode where players can wield relic weapons from previous seasons. Players charge their personal relic energy by defeating opponents with their normal loadout, and upon reaching full charge, they can acquire a relic from a depot.

The Checkmate modifier is another exciting addition that enhances Primary weapon damage and changes the way players earn Special ammunition. This modifier results in  longer combat encounters that reward skill and consistency, thereby changing player strategy.


The Destiny 2: State of the Game update brings a host of improvements and new features that are set to enhance the gaming experience. From the game’s recovery from a controversial expansion to the introduction of new features and changes, the development team’s focus on improving the game is evident. 

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