With the Telesto taking over the Destiny 2 social media pages, the community is abuzz with a potential community event. Players are excited because it has been a while since the last community event, and it often leads to a new mission for players to enjoy. The Season of Plunder is near its end, and it looks like the Telesto will send players off before a new season occurs.

What is the Telesto?

The Telesto is an exotic rifle that’s endearing to many fans, not because of its power level or acquisition difficulty. It’s a weapon always marred with bugs and weird interactions because of how the gun works. Bungie has acknowledged this by playing into its weirdness and now by giving it sentience by taking over its social media.

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The issues with the Telesto occur because of how it fires its ammo. It fires explosive bolts that stick into things, and each is considered a unique item in the game space. The more mods, abilities, or effects interacting with it, the crazier things can get.

Signs of the Community Event

Players first discovered unusual activity from the Telesto a few days back. Forbes writer Paul Tassi noted that their Telesto was shooting slower than before. Other players also noticed that their gun was sparking and smoking. The events led to numerous theories in Destiny 2 hubs like forums and Reddit.

Eventually, Telesto began broadcasting itself through the Destiny 2 social media accounts. The weapon seems to be looking for a wielder while chastising players for their lack of use of it. In the past, Bungie has admitted that Telesto has several issues that may take a long time to fix.

Looking into the Past

Past community events may point to a sign of what’s going to happen with this upcoming event. Back in 2020, the seasonal event tasked players with contributing towards certain rewards. It included a complex puzzle where players contributed information, unlocking a quest for the Bastion.

There might be more community activity that Telesto will demand before unveiling new content. It might lead to a new quest for a new weapon or a potential overhaul of the Telesto itself. Others believe that it’s likely to be a new dungeon. There are also rumors that it might sound like the return of the Pocket Infinity, which was Destiny’s original bug-ridden exotic. There have been no added details after the social media takeover.

Continued Dedication

While Destiny 2 is long past its peak in terms of the player base, the dedication to the game and the community has kept players coming back. Fans often joke about how the game resuscitates itself every few weeks, thanks to in-game events. For now, Bungie looks to be supporting the game as they work on a rumored survival shooter game. We’ll likely see more of the Telesto before then.

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