Destiny 2 Witherhoard Disabled – Reason and When Is It Coming Back?

Witherhoard Destiny 2

Bungie disabled Witherhoard in Destiny 2 a few hours ago. Why did Bungie take the decision and when is it coming back? Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Why Was Witherhoard Disabled in Destiny 2?

While the main reason isn’t clear, players are mentioning a bug that could be one of the reasons. According to a Reddit user, it was insta-killing players in PVP. Especially, in Crucible.

Issues After Witherhoard Was Disabled

Many are reporting issues with other weapons after Witherhoard was disabled.

When Will Witherhoard Be Back?

As of now, Bungie hasn’t given us an exact time period for that. In a tweet, they wrote, “Due to an issue, we have disabled the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher until further notice.” Since it isn’t a game-breaking bug, Witherhoard should be back in a couple of hours at best.

We’ll let you know as soon as there’s some update from Bungie regarding this.

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