Destory All Humans!

Forget Grand Theft Auto – it’s time to take on the role of an alien and deliver some anal probes!

The PlayStation 2 THQ classic Destroy All Humans! has returned, as the latest PS2-to-PS4 re-release. Nordic Games has unleashed the game on the market today, going for $19.99 and taking up a very meager 2.3GB of space.

Here’s the game’s description, in case you need the lowdown of just what’s going on with your alien buddy:

This is your chance to experience the other side of an alien invasion. Take on the role of alien Cryptosporidium 137 and terrorize the people of Earth to harvest their DNA in the most brazen action-adventure you’ve ever played. Take over all of humanity using a variety of alien weaponry on land or in the air.

Take over all of humanity using a variety of alien weaponry such as a ray gun, an anal probe gun, the Ion Detonator, the Zap-O-Matic, the Sonic Boom, the Quantum Deconstructor, a powerful nuclear weapon that can launch radioactive bombs, and more – on land or in the air.

Crypto can use Telekinesis to throw cars, trucks and cows to create even more of a turmoil or disguise himself as a puny human.

For transport, use a jet pack for short distances or your UFO for travelling long distances and abducting or destroying humans.

Take one giant step on mankind!

In addition, the sequel, Destroy All Humans 2, should also be coming to the PlayStation Store soon, as it recently received a PEGI rating as well. So, yeah, the aliens are definitely taking over…