Destruction AllStars Will Have Microtransactions? Costs $70 On PS5

Destruction AllStars Will Have Microtransactions? Costs $70 On PS5

PlayStation Blog released new information for the upcoming PS5 game, Destruction AllStars. The game costs $69.99 and will have potential microtransactions. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s a gentle reminder to everyone that we must get ready for the expensive next-gen.

Many are comparing it to other games on the market, and even calling it PS5’s “very own Bleeding Edge.”

In the new blog post, we have details regarding legendary character skins and vehicle skins, which means… right, microtransactions could be a part of the game. Additionally, the Digital Deluxe Edition gets you 10,000 AllStar Currency. Of course, you can earn these through matches but there’s a possibility you’ll be able to buy those with real money.

To agree with the masses, this game would be a great fit for a launch PS+ title. Just like Fall Guys.

“This looks like fun, but too much unknown for a $70 launch day blind purchase,” writes a ResetEra user. “And even if it’s good, it screams ‘lost in the shuffle’ this holiday at retail so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it for $20 to $30 off before the end of the year or at Least Feb. the only question is whether the online community will be active by the time it becomes a budget tilde IMO.”

Destruction AllStars will come out for the PS5 this November.

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